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KAVI Digital Report August 2016

The KAVI Company Digital Report August 2016 Editors’ Report: News Intelligence Alerts Reports Global marketing spend is set to exceed $1tn (£756bn) in 2017, Group M predicts Source: The New York Times is trying to narrow the distance between reporters and analytics data It’s building on its in-house analytics dashboard, Stela, with the goal […]

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How to Prove Your Content Is Driving Revenue

How to Prove Your Content Is Driving Revenue “Will this drive revenue?” This is the classic question, asked by anyone responsible for determining the value of business programs and assessing budget. But when it comes to content, the right answers still elude many marketers. For marketers pursuing more budget and resources, it’s critically important to know […]

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Industrial Content Marketing’s Role in Sales

Industrial Content Marketing’s Role in Sales Here’s a reality check—only 18% of those manufacturing marketers reported that their content marketing was effective in accomplishing their overall marketing objectives. That, by the way is lower than the 26% in 2015 and 30% in 2014. So the effectiveness has been trending down over the past three years. […]

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